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Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 11:51 pm
by exxos
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(The above is a screenshot not the actual tracking page!)

To go to the order and tracking history page click the link below!

This is currently a ALPHA test script to recover people's last order details and tracking. As this script is Alpha testing, there may well be bugs so just post them in the thread below and I will look into them.

As mentioned previously,Order receipts are automatically sent out at exactly the same time from my store and stripe. Order receipts contain the address you entered along with the items you ordered. If you do not get this email, it is likely in your junk folder so you need to check this yourself! I do not know why my store emails tend to get junked, and the stripe ones do not, but rest assured BOTH emails are always sent out at exactly the same time automatically.

Tracking emails are typically sent immediately after items had been posted. Generally this is within a few days, unless it is a "pre-order" item where it can be some days weeks or months before the item is posted, but there will be information relevant to this elsewhere as and when it happens anyway.

Please do not confuse your STRIPE receipt number which is typically "#1234-1234" type format, with the exxos store order numbers which are 32 alphanumerical numbers such as "58CFD2BE588E2CDB7E8CC6A70AB521A0". There is no information linked to STRIPE numbers other than "someone paid for something" so those numbers are pretty much useless other than a receipt for your payment.

The page needs the 32 alphanumerical number as this is what is looked up in the database for your order. Again you need to check your spam box if you do not immediately get this email. If it is not in your spam box, will have to white list "exxoshost" domain or contact your mail provider and question why the emails are disappearing, I cannot do anything about emails vanishing your end as they are always sent out from my server. Knowing your order number is the quickest and easiest way to recover details from your order.

A fallback method is that orders can be recovered by email address. This email address must be the one you used on checkout when you did the order. The script will look for that email address, then look for the most recent order date relating to that email address.

If the order number or email address is found, the same email address will then be used to email a copy of your order. This includes tracking information, the address you entered, and the list of items you ordered along with your store order number. Again if you do not get this email almost instantly, it will likely be in your junk box for some reason, again what happens after the email these my server is down to your mail host provider not myself.

Information will only be emailed to the email address that the order was used during purchase. So you need to make sure it is correct. No information is displayed on the page other than what you entered. While the tracking numbers could be displayed on the page, I opted not to do this, because any random person could type in any known email address, then have access to your tracking information, which likely contains part of your household address! so in order to protect your order information, it will only be sent to the email which was used during checkout.